Play Emojis is a fun, simple emoji-only pretend "messaging" app for kids 5 and under. Kids can pick a BetaBubs character for a fake chat session. Each BetaBub has its own personality and favorite emojis. We've curated the set of emojis so that kids only see good, wholesome, and happy emojis (so, no bomb emojis!).

Play Emojis is 100% pretend. No messages are actually sent or received, and in fact the game can be played in Airplane mode or on the subway — no Internet is required because no messages are sent, received, or stored in any way.

We created Play Emojis because our kids loved stealing our phones to send emojis via the Messages app, and we decided they should have a fun and safe place to "play emojis".


Check back for more BetaBubs apps coming soon!