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What is A Betabub?

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'BetaBubs Play Emojis' is available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Get it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

What is BetaBubs play emojis?

'BetaBubs Play Emojis' is a mobile app for iOS and Android. Its created for kids 5 and under to pretend chat using only emojis. Our kids liked borrowing our phones and using the Messages app to browse the emoji keyboard and send emojis. They loved doing it, but we didn't love them potentially messaging a real person. So, Play Emojis was born.

Play Emojis is simply a simulated, 100% pretend chat interface that is emoji-only. The emojis response are randomly selected from a curated set of "good" emojis.

IS this app Safe for my kids?

That's for you to decide, but hopefully this helps... We are parents that built this app for our own kids. The app does not send, receive, or store any messages that are sent or "received". "Received" is in quotes because the app simulates a chat by randomly picking emojis to respond with all within the app itself.

Privacy is not an issue because the only thing your kid can do is enter emojis into the pretend chat, and the app doesn't track that at all.

Can it be played offline, in airplane mode, or on the subway?

Yes! This app does not require any network connection because it's just pretend — the messages are not actually sent or received.

ARE my kids actually chatting with someone?

No. It's not a real chat app. It's just pretend for play. The "characters" are just a random emoji generator that responds to inputs. It's all within the app itself and no emojis are ever sent or received.


What does "Filtered emoji set" mean?

Our kids love the emoji keyboard, but we don't think all the emojis are appropriate for young kids. So we removed all the unhappy smileys, the guns, the bombs, the syringes...that kind of stuff. 

If you swipe through the "emoji keyboard" in the app, you'll see we've reduced the emojis to only the positive and kid-friendly ones. The characters will only respond with emojis from this same set.

IT says each character has its own personality and favorite emojis. What does that meaN?

We've weighted the various groups of emojis so that some characters are more likely to respond with emojis from certain groups. If your kid plays enough, they'll start to recognize the affinities each character has for certain types of emojis.

Each character also has a specific set of "favorite" emojis. Not only are they more likely to respond with these emojis, but something special will happen if one they send or receive one of these. Give it a try!

Does this app track anything?

The app includes very basic, fully anonymous analytics like all apps do. This helps us understand if anyone is using the app and how often. But, we don't track anything personal about the app users, nor do we store or track any input into the app.

Who made this app?

This app is made by parents of the kids that gave us this idea in the first place. We are a small team, based in NYC, with deep experience creating mobile apps.

Does it cost money?

Play Emojis is a free app to install. We may have in-app purchases in the future. After all, it takes time and money to build and maintain an app — and one day in the future we'll have college bills to pay just like you :-)